• BMW


    Monitoring the ramp-up of battery production for BMW’s electric and hybrid vehicles. Applying statistical methods to identify and eliminate defects and ensure consistent, high-quality battery modules. Implementing a Kanban system to accelerate the start of production for the next generation of battery modules.

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  • Volvo


    Supervision of the installation and commissioning of manufacturing equipment for the production of doors and tailgates for the upcoming all-electric Volvo EX90 Pure Electric SUV. Integration of the new model into the existing body assembly line. Completion of equipment commissioning and on-time production of the first vehicles, facilitated by Kanban workflow management.

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  • Tesla


    Coordinating overseas shipments and on-site installation of state-of-the-art electric motor manufacturing equipment. Managing schedules, tasks, and risks using Lean Project Management methodology. Leading German and U.S. engineers in the installation and commissioning of manufacturing equipment to produce the first U.S.-made Tesla hairpin stators.

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  • Mercedes-Benz


    Supervising the commissioning of €150 million worth of KUKA welding robots for the production of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. Managing 24/7 operations. Effective use of Kanban boards to perform acceptance tests and deliver equipment on time.

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  • Jaguar


    Coordinating the installation and commissioning of robotic welding systems and interconnecting conveyors for the assembly of the Jaguar XF body-in-white. Management of large scale project with over 100 people from Jaguar, KUKA and various sub-contractors.

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  • Audi


    Managing the installation and commissioning of engine and chassis assembly lines at the new Audi plant in Hungary. Design of production facilities at the new Audi plant in Mexico, including preparation of technical requirements, bidding and delivery of equipment.

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  • Volkswagen


    Designing and implementing rail transportation of automotive components from Germany to Eastern Europe to supply newly built VW plants in Russia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

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  • Porsche


    Part of the initial team in charge of the construction of the new Porsche plant in Leipzig and the start of production of the very first Porsche Cayenne.

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