Mr. Rebo, the founder and owner of GERMANENGINEER.COM, has an impressive professional track record with Audi, a renowned leader in the automotive manufacturing sector. His involvement with Audi began in March 2012, when he worked as a freelance project manager at the new Audi plant in Gyor, Hungary.1 In this role, he managed the installation and commissioning of engine and chassis assembly lines for the Audi A3 Sedan and Cabriolet. He further performed stress and endurance tests on production equipment, analyzed and resolved system failures and downtime to ensure seamless and efficient operations.

Mr. Rebo’s collaboration with Audi expanded into new territory from January 2013 to August 2014, when he took on the role of freelance project manager at the new Audi plant in San Jose Chiapa, Mexico.2 There, he applied his extensive expertise in engine and chassis assembly to the design of the production facilities for the Audi Q5. His responsibilities included creating technical requirements, overseeing the bidding process, and working closely with equipment suppliers before the equipment was delivered to its final destination.

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