Mr. Rebo’s professional journey also includes significant engagements with Audi, another prestigious name in the world of automotive manufacturing. His relationship with Audi began in March 2012, when he was engaged as a freelance project manager in Gyor, Hungary. In this capacity, he took charge as the project manager of the new Audi plant, where he was instrumental in the implementation of engine and chassis assembly and marriage – the critical process where the engine and chassis are joined to the car body.

Under Mr. Rebo’s astute leadership, the start of production for the Audi A3 Sedan and Cabriolet went off without a hitch. He further showcased his dedication to operational excellence by conducting stress and endurance tests on production facilities, analyzing and eliminating system errors and downtimes, thus ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Mr. Rebo’s association with Audi took him to a new frontier from January 2013 to August 2014. He was engaged as a freelance project manager at the new Audi plant in Puebla, Mexico. Leveraging his expertise in engine and chassis assembly, Mr. Rebo designed the production facilities for the Audi Q5. His responsibilities included writing requirements and specifications, conducting bidding, and working closely with equipment suppliers to facilitate acceptance prior to shipping the equipment to its final destination.

This extensive collaboration with Audi underscores Mr. Rebo’s ability to deliver high quality results in a variety of environments and capacities. His accomplishments with Audi, particularly his contributions to the production of the Audi A3 and Q5 models, speak volumes about his acumen and dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive manufacturing.