Between July and October 2018, Mr. Rebo, founder and owner of GERMANENGINEER.COM, lent his expertise as a freelance on-site manager at the Mercedes-Benz facility in Düsseldorf, Germany.1

This assignment focused on the installation of a €150 million fleet of KUKA welding robots in the body shop for the production of Mercedes-Benz’s highly acclaimed Sprinter vans. Mr. Rebo’s responsibilities extended to leading a talented team of over 50 engineers and programmers who collectively undertook the task of installing the fully automated robotic systems for gluing, welding and hanging doors, hoods and fenders.

Working in a demanding environment where the equipment ran three shifts, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, Mr. Rebo’s leadership and organizational skills were put to the test. Through the effective use of KANBAN boards, Mr. Rebo’s team completed the installation with no production downtime.

Following the installation, Mr. Rebo’s team diligently performed acceptance testing and then handed over the equipment to the Mercedes-Benz maintenance team.

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