Mr. Rebo proudly served as the on-site project manager for a significant Tesla project in Austin, Texas from May 2021 to February 2022. This project, facilitated through his association with GROB-Werke, focused on the delivery, installation and commissioning of pioneering electric motor manufacturing equipment.

Throughout this complex assignment, Mr. Rebo demonstrated his remarkable management skills by efficiently coordinating schedules, assigning tasks, and serving as an effective mediator between his team and other on-site construction and infrastructure crews. This ability to maintain harmony and productivity in a highly challenging environment is a testament to his leadership.

The highlight of Mr. Rebo’s tenure at Tesla was the successful installation of a stator production line at Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. He was responsible for leading a dynamic and diverse team of 50 engineers – 40 from Germany and 10 from America. Under his watchful eye, the team skillfully installed five hairpin benders, three laser welding stations, two coating cells, and various test equipment.

These strategic installations were instrumental in facilitating the production of the first U.S.-made Tesla hairpin stators. Mr. Rebo’s outstanding leadership ensured that this monumental task was completed in accordance with the customer’s independent factory ramp-up plans. This achievement reflects Mr. Rebo’s commitment to excellence, deep knowledge of advanced manufacturing processes, and ability to deliver under pressure.

Working with Tesla, a global leader in electric vehicle technology, has been an enriching experience for Mr. Rebo. His role in turning Tesla’s vision into reality underscores his status as a key contributor to the transition to a more sustainable future.

Tesla Gigafactory Texas is one of the world’s largest buildings.
Tesla work and Tesla driving.
In total, there were over 150 crates of equipment.