Lean Project Management

  • Practical Agile Principles at Work

    This post proposes practical agile principles specifically tailored to improve projects related to the latest assembly-line technologies. These practical agile principles will enable automakers to accelerate current EV manufacturing projects and drive innovation. Ultimately, this should help automakers make EV production as economically efficient as possible.

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  • Optimization of Existing Facilities

    Our approach extends to the evaluation and improvement of existing manufacturing setups. We meticulously analyze older facilities to identify and correct any inefficiencies or outdated practices, ensuring that every aspect of production meets modern standards of efficiency and sustainability.

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  • Accelerating EV Manufacturing Projects

    We don’t just consult; we get involved in the physical construction and integration of the systems that drive EV manufacturing. Using Kanban, a key component of Lean Project Management, we have a proven track record of driving positive change and accelerating the pace of manufacturing projects.

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