Mr. Rebo’s extensive involvement with BMW demonstrates the depth and versatility of his engineering and project management skills. His journey with BMW began shortly after his formal education as a mechanical engineer, when he served as Quality Manager at BMW’s main plant in Munich from 2002 to 2005. His duties included conducting driving dynamics tests and analyzing the quality of the BMW 1 and 3 Series. Demonstrating his resolute dedication to BMW and unwavering commitment to quality, he played a pivotal role in supporting the establishment of BMW’s brand new plant in Leipzig, where he oversaw the construction and installation of production equipment, particularly in the Quality Control Center.

Later, from May to December 2017, Mr. Rebo took on a key role as a freelance project manager for a BMW project in Munich, Germany and Shenyang, China. On behalf of Siemens, he led the development of a new test rig for BMW’s advanced driver assistance systems, including radar and video cameras. Under his leadership, a team of engineers navigated the intricacies of mechanical, electronic, and software development for the new test rig. The project culminated with the successful installation of five test benches at BMW’s Munich plant and two more at BMW’s Shenyang, China plant.

Mr. Rebo’s association with BMW experienced another highlight from December 2020 to January 2021, when he was engaged by GROB-Werke as a freelance interim on-site manager for a BMW project in Dingolfing, Germany. Here, he skillfully oversaw the ramp-up of battery production for BMW’s electric cars (iX, iX3, i4) and motorcycles (CE04). His strategic process optimization of plasma treatment, module stacking, case welding, cell contact system welding, thermal management system bonding, and end-of-line testing resulted in a significant increase in both the number and quality of batteries produced.

Mr. Rebo’s engagements with BMW underscore his ability to manage large-scale projects, his dedication to quality assurance, and his commitment to advancing the technologies that drive the automotive industry. His remarkable record at BMW is a testament to his pivotal role in shaping the industry’s present and future.

Mr. Rebo spent three weeks at BMW’s Shenyang plant coordinating the installation, commissioning and verification of the equipment supplied.
Training of BMW employees.